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What do mosquitoes look like?

Mosquitoes are parasitic insects that feed on the blood of their hosts (people and animals) in order for the female to get the necessary protein she needs to develop her eggs. Adult mosquitoes have a slender body, long legs, narrow hairy wings, and an extended, specialized mouthpart they use for feeding. Their exact coloring and color patterns are species-specific; but most species we come into contact with are black, dark brown, or black and white in color.

feeding mosquito

Are mosquitoes dangerous?

Mosquitoes, despite their small size and fragile body, are considered one of the most dangerous creatures in the world because of the diseases they spread to people. In the United States mosquitoes are responsible for transmitting diseases such as West Nile virus, encephalitis, and Zika virus. Malaria is also spread by mosquitoes and, while not a threat to people in the United States, malaria is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths each year in other parts of the world.

Why do I have a mosquito problem?

Mosquitoes are attracted to properties that have heavy vegetation and tall grasses where they can hide during the heat of the day. They are also attracted to areas with lots of flowering plants and trees; this is because both male and female mosquitoes feed on plant nectar as their main food source. However, the biggest reason mosquitoes are attracted to an area is because there is standing water present. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs on stagnant water. Water collecting inside baby pools, bird baths, driveways, the tops of trashcan lids, flower pots, buckets, and pet food dishes can all attracted mosquitoes.

How do I prevent mosquitoes?

The following prevention tips may help keep mosquitoes off of your property, out of your home, and away from your family:
  • Keep gutters clean to prevent water from pooling in them.
  • Fill in low-lying areas on your property.
  • Store wading pools, wheelbarrows, flower pots, pet dishes and other containers upside down.
  • Keep tarps tied tight to prevent them from collecting water.
  • Cut back overgrown vegetation from the exterior of your home.
  • Reduce the number of flowering plants on your property.
  • Keep grass cut short.
  • Repair or replace torn window and door screens.
  • Place weather stripping around all windows and doors.  

How do I get rid of mosquitoes?

While there is no way to completely eliminate mosquitoes from a property, steps can be taken to significantly reduce their numbers. At RichPro Pest Management, Inc., our professionals can provide accurate identification and treatment services. Our services provide everything needed to minimize mosquito poupulation on your property.

Our professionals understand mosquitoes and how to minimize populations. Protecting your family from the dangers of mosquitoes is of utmost importance to us here at RichPro Pest Management, Inc. Contact us to learn more about minimizing mosquitoes through our three-step mosquito reduction program.

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