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Mosquito Season In Richmond

Monday, May 14, 2018

mosquito problemsDuring the summer, the presence of mosquitoes increases around homes and businesses increases and so does the threat of the mosquito-borne diseases they carry! Residents of the Greater Richmond area should take precautions against mosquitoes to keep their populations down and decrease the likelihood of being bitten and contracting mosquito-borne diseases.

Not Just Itchy Bites

We most often associate mosquitoes with the annoying buzzing sound as they fly around our heads or the itchy red welts from their bites. Unfortunately, however, mosquito bites can cause far more serious issues than just some inconvenient scratching.

There are various mosquito-borne illnesses including West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, and Eastern Equine Encephalitis. Mosquitoes are vectors for disease, meaning that as they go around biting humans and animals, these pests can transmit viruses from other animals or humans infected with these illnesses. Many people won’t show any signs of illness of being infected with a mosquito-borne disease; nevertheless, any time you’ve been bitten by mosquitoes, you should keep watch for signs of infection such as fevers, aches and pains, a feeling of general malaise, and a sense of just not getting better, like you would from a summertime cold or a bout with allergies. If left untreated, these illnesses can lead to seizures, swelling in the brain, and in some cases, death.  

Avoiding Mosquitoes

It is nearly impossible to completely avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, especially if you want to get out and enjoy any outdoor summertime activities. There are some steps you can take to help reduce mosquito activity around your home, however.

To decrease mosquitoes populations, reduce sources of standing water around your property, as this is where mosquitoes breed; you can reduce standing water by:

  • Limiting the use of sprinklers

  • Making sure gutters and drains are working properly and are clear of debris

  • Emptying kiddie pools when not in use

  • Dumping out pails, toys, tires, birdbaths, or any other containers that might collect water

It is also important to keep your grass cut short and to trim back excess shrubbery in your yard; mosquitoes need sheltered places to land and often tend to hide in the foliage around homes.

For the most effective elimination of mosquitoes on your Richmond property, implement a professional mosquito control plan from RichPro Pest Management. We perform monthly treatments around your property during the heaviest season for mosquitoes – late spring to early fall. We target the areas where mosquitoes breed to reduce reproduction and eliminate adult mosquitoes and can perform services even when you aren’t home for your convenience.

The professionals at RichPro Pest Management will keep your family protected from pesky mosquitoes all summer long so you can get outside and enjoy your yard to the fullest this summer!

Mosquito Control Mosquito Prevention Tips
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