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Ashland is a lovely Virginia town located a convenient distance from the busy city of Richmond. Ashland offers the perfect respite for families looking to get away from the busyness of daily life. In addition to the charm this town offers, another benefit to living in Ashland is that the pest professionals at RichPro Pest Management, INC are ready, willing, and able to serve all of your pest control needs. Our QualityPro-certified company has been protecting Virginia residents from pests since 1975, and we would love to provide the eco-friendly, affordable services needed to protect your home and family from invasive and potentially dangerous and damaging pests. Find out today why so many of your Virginia neighbors have chosen RichPro Pest Management, INC to control pests in and around their residential and commercial properties.

Ashland Pest Control

Residential Pest Control In Ashland, VA

Don’t allow pests to live inside your Ashland home for one more day. Pests can be more than just a nuisance; many have the potential to be a danger and can cause much damage. To help you protect your home and family from Virginia pests, our certified and registered professionals offer signature pest control services through our variety of Home Defender™ Services. Our Home Defender services provide year-round protection through quarterly pest control services and also include:

  • Exterior treatment

  • Interior treatment (if necessary)

  • Coverage against more than 15 pests

  • Spiderweb removal

  • Stinging insect removal up to 15 feet

  • A pest-free guarantee

For more protection against pests invading your home, we offer our Home Defender Plus service which, in addition to providing all that is found in the above Home Defender service, also provides termite control services. For the most comprehensive protection for your home against pests, choose our Home Defender™ Elite service. This inclusive option offers everything found in the Home Defender Plus service, with the addition of seasonal mosquito control and exterior flea and tick control! Give us a call to learn more about our residential pest control services and see which service is the right fit for your Ashland home and family!

Tips To Limit Mosquito Exposure In Ashland, VA

Mosquitoes are a tough pest to deal with. They spread disease, bite, are difficult to control, and are even more difficult to prevent. But, with the help of the dedicated mosquito professionals at RichPro Pest Management, INC you can greatly reduce mosquito activity on your property, and limit your and your family’s exposure to these disease-spreading, dangerous pests. Our three-step program will reduce mosquito activity on your property and keep their populations from increasing. The first step in the program is an inspection to identify resting and breeding sites and the conditions on your property that may be attracting mosquitoes. Second, a treatment schedule will be created (usually consisting of monthly visits) where our pros treat your property for adult mosquitoes and use a larvicide at breeding sites to prevent future mosquitoes from developing. The third and final step is follow-up treatments to provide the seasonal, long-lasting mosquito protection needed to protect you and your family from dangerous bites. For more information about limiting and controlling mosquitoes on your Ashland property, give us a call today!

Commercial Pest Control In Ashland, VA

At RichPro Pest Management, INC our professionals have experience in protecting a wide variety of businesses from pests and the damage and dangers they can inflict. We want to help protect your business and its reputation from pests such as roaches, spiders, antsmice and more! Our highly effective commercial pest control solution utilizes a three-step process.

  • Inspection: Our professionals complete a thorough inspection of your facility.

  • Customization: We will develop a custom treatment plan that meets the specific needs of your business.

  • Documentation: After each service visit we provide a copy of the work order and documentation for each product used, allowing you to always remain abreast of what is happening inside your facility.

Additional benefits of choosing RichPro Pest Management, INC for your commercial pest control needs includes that we offer fixed appointments with easy, flexible scheduling and, if a pest problem arises in-between service visits, we will come back and re-treat for no extra charge. We guarantee it! To learn more about our general commercial pest control services or our targeted services including mosquito control, termite control, bed bug control and more, give us a call today. We would love to hear from you!

Why DIY Bed Bug Solutions Fail In Ashland, VA

For many people, realizing that bed bugs are living inside their home is embarrassing. So they decide to try and take care of the infestation through do-it-yourself control measures. This is never a good idea. DIY bed bug solutions are not effective. They only allow a bed bug infestation to continue, allowing the bugs to invade more areas of the home, thus making them even more difficult to eliminate. The biggest reason DIY bed bug treatments fail, in addition to the fact that they simply don’t work, is that they are only designed to treat the bed bugs you are seeing. They don’t find and treat the many, and we mean many, others that are hiding throughout your home.

The most effective way to control bed bugs is to contact a professional at the first sign of their presence in your home. Don’t be embarrassed, they are a very common parasite, which can be picked up in almost any public place. At RichPro Pest Management, INC our professionals understand bed bugs and understand how to discreetly and completely eliminate them using eco-sound products. To win the fight against bed bugs, we offer a three-step process, which includes a visual bed bug inspection, bed bug treatment, and a bed bug re-inspection. To learn more about treating bed bugs, the most effective way, through the comprehensive bed bug solutions at RichPro Pest Management, INC; contact us today.

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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

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