Dangers of Rodent Infestations in Virginia

rodents being small but dangerous

Mice are adorable, aren't they? Those cute little ears. Those twitchy little whiskers. Those big black eyes... The fanciful way they roll around in the trash and then scamper across your cutting board. And don't get us started on the quaint little holes they chew in our cereal boxes or how they can bring hundreds of adorable little fleas into our homes! Who are we kidding? Mice aren't adorable. They're horrible! And so are rats.

Problems Caused By Rodents

While there are many people who enjoy keeping mice and rats as pets, few people enjoy having these critters living in their walls, attic spaces, pantries, and kitchens. Mice and rats can spread harmful bacteria, pathogens, parasites, and more in your home once they get inside. Here is our list of rodent dangers, from least to worst.

Noise Complaint

For most of us, the sounds of scratching and thumping in the walls are enough reason not to want mice and rats hanging around. And since rodents are nocturnal in nature, these noises usually begin right around bedtime, which can seriously disturb your sleep.

Leave Your Home Smelling Horrible

When rodents infest a home, they leave their droppings and urine throughout your home as they explore and search for food. The smell of rodent urine can be quite potent. And the more rodents there are in a home, the worse the smell!

Chew Holes In The Wall

Rodents can chew holes in lots of things. In fact, due to their constantly growing incisors, mice and rats actually need to chew. They will chew holes to get into your home and create pathways to food storage areas. And when they do, these holes can create serious problems for homeowners. Holes chewed in the exterior of your home can allow other pests, such as cockroaches, silverfish, earwigs, and more, to gain access to your home, creating a larger pest problem than before. These holes can also let moisture into wall voids and allow heat or cool air to escape.

Carry Diseases

Since mice and rats are commonly found living in dumpsters, sewers, and other filthy locations where rotting food can be found, these pests are mechanical vectors for a variety of different bacteria. They can also acquire and spread human pathogens. Common diseases spread by rat droppings and rodents include:

  • Hantavirus: Spreads through dust and causes respiratory, kidney and blood issues
  • Leptospirosis: Bacterial infection with a wide range of symptoms
  • Lymphocytic chorio-meningitis: Viral infection that may lead to neurological problems
  • Plague: Caused by bacteria, often transmitted through flea bites
  • Tularemia: Bacterial infection that causes fever, skin ulcers and glandular issues
  • Salmonellosis: Bacterial infection that affects the gastrointestinal tract

Common Rodents Found in Virginia

In our service area, the rodents we see most often are house mice, field mice, roof rats, and Norway rats. 

Contact RichPro Pest Management For Rodent Control

Rodents may be tiny, but they cause big health problems. From disease to property damage, rodent infestation isn't an issue to take lightly. However, controlling rodents through DIY methods is difficult to impossible, thanks to the potential for exposure to rodent diseases. RichPro Pest Management is here to help! Our experienced team of rodent control professionals in Glen Allen are experts at eliminating rodent infestations from your homes. 


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