Bed Bugs in Virginia

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Bed bugs love people. The more people, the happier those bugs are. So one of the biggest reasons bed bugs thrive in Virginia is because we have a lot of people here. More specifically, we have a lot of people who pass through our state. When those people come to see Colonial Williamsburg, Historic Jamestowne, Appomattox, and many other historical sites, they can leave bed bugs in hotels, motels, timeshares, and more.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like? 

What exactly a bed bug is going to look like depends on what stage of life it is in: adult, nymph, or egg. Here’s how to identify bed bugs during their different stages of life: 

  • Eggs are the tiniest stage of development and are the most difficult to spot. They are white in color, the size of a pinhead and are sticky. Due to their extremely tiny size, they are almost impossible to spot. 
  • Nymphs, while still fairly small in size, have a translucent body, and after they have had a blood meal, turn bright red. This makes them much easier to spot. 
  • Adult bed bugs are the stage of life that is easiest for people to identify. The adults grow to between 3/16th and ¼ of an inch in length and are reddish-brown and have an oval, flat body that is similar to an apple seed. After feeding, the adults' appearance morphs slightly and their body swells and becomes more elongated, and they turn more purplish-red in color.

Are bed bugs dangerous?

Bed bugs are not considered dangerous pests. They are, however, a serious nuisance and should be prevented at all costs. Knowing that bed bugs are living in your home can cause a loss of sleep and anxiety, and their bites are extremely itchy. The excessive scratching can lead to a secondary infection, which may require medical attention.

Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation

There are many signs bed bugs will leave behind if they have found their way inside. Common signs of their presence include:

  • Finding piles of their exoskeletons (shed skins) under mattresses and box springs, in the seams of upholstered furniture, in drawers or closets, or along on the floor. 
  • They leave dark streaks (excrement) or drops of blood on mattresses, box springs, pillows cases, walls, and linens. In the case of a large infestation, a sweet, musty odor may develop in your home. 
  • One of the most well-known signs, but the least accurate sign, is their bites.
  • Little black specks, skin sheds, and feces are also signs of bed bugs.

How To Check For Bed Bugs 

If you suspect you have bed bugs, you can look for them. When looking for bed bugs, look for reddish stains on your mattress and box spring. As you are looking, pry the edges of the mattress and box spring seams up if they are folded over. Check the bed frame, too. 

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

Contrary to belief, bed bugs are not just in your bed. If you have light-colored furniture in the living room, look there, too. You might also see bed bugs on the floor and on the walls of your home.

How To Prevent Bed Bugs

To keep bed bugs from choosing your home, check out these helpful bed bug prevention tips: 

  • Before traveling, check to see if the accommodations you'll be staying in have had a bed bug report posted.
  • During vacations and other trips away from home, put laundry items in a sealed plastic bag, such as a trash bag with a bread tie around the top. 
  • When returning from a trip, do a detailed inspection of the seams in your luggage and bags. If you see tiny white eggs, use rubbing alcohol to destroy them.
  • Wash all your clothing on the hottest setting when you return home from vacation.
  • Steer clear of purchasing used furniture, or check furniture thoroughly for the presence of black streaks, light brown stains, black stains, shed insect skins, white eggs, or bed bugs themselves.
  • Do an inspection of guest areas after having someone spend the night.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Now that you know how to check for bed bugs, you can try to get rid of them yourself: 

  • Wash all of your bedding and curtains in soap and hot water. 
  • Remove anything from the room that is not necessary, including furniture. 
  • You can always see the eggs, so scrub the seams of your mattress with a scrub brush to loosen them. 
  • Vacuum the floor and mattress. 
  • Make sure you throw the bag away after each vacuum. 

If you need professional help, contact RichPro Pest Management for our bed bug control professionals. Our experts understand bed bugs and can quickly get rid of them through our dependable bed bug control services. Call us today!


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