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Commercial Pest Control

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The pests that inhabit the greater Richmond area can leave homes with serious damages and severe health hazards, but infestations on commercial properties can be even worse. Pests in a commercial property threaten not only the employees that work there but also the potential customers that step inside - and all it takes is one incident to stop a business in its tracks.

Has your business come under attack from pest invaders? RichPro Pest Management offers treatment to commercial properties such as warehouses, office buildings, retail stores, industrial sites, and more! If you want to take back your business from unwanted pests, contact us today for a free consultation.

The RichPro Advantage

When it comes to commercial pest control, the RichPro Competitive Advantage is what sets us apart. We offer fixed appointments with easy, flexible scheduling to fit your time frame, and if a pest problem arises in-between service visits, we will come back out and re-treat for no extra charge - guaranteed.

We Treat Every Commercial Property Using Our Tried & Tested Three-Step Process

Step 1: Inspection

After the initial call, a RichPro pest control technician will meet with the property owner or manager to arrange an inspection. After learning about any pest activity the property has suffered in the past as well as any unique pressures or concerns the manager might have, the technician will thoroughly inspect the property for any telltale signs of activity.

Common inspection areas include break rooms, kitchens, common areas, equipment rooms, janitorial areas, utility rooms, and any other potential problem areas or points of entry. The technician will also take note of any sanitation issues or conditions conducive to pest infestation, if present.

With the interior covered, the technician will then inspect the perimeter of the property and surrounding areas, including around dumpsters, outdoor equipment, vegetation, and so on.

Step 2: Customization

Once the property has been inspected and any problems identified, the technician will work with the property manager to develop a unique treatment plan customized to meet the needs of the customer. This plan will cover the installation of monitoring devices (such as insect light traps and rodent stations), and targeted treatments.  Service frequency will vary from property to property.

Step 3: Documentation

After every service visit, the customer will be provided with a copy of the work order and documentation for every product used, as well as any notes or recommendations the technician might have for further treatment. When you hire RichPro, you’ll never be in the dark about the status and safety of your property.

If you’re a Virginia business owner, you can’t afford to leave your business at risk. No matter your pest problem, the team at RichPro Pest Management has the tools and training to eliminate it - and keep it from ever coming back. Contact us today for a free consultation and find out what a professional treatment from RichPro can do for your business.

RichPro Commercial Services

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Termite Control

Termites are one of the most destructive pests facing businesses across the nation, with their tunneling costing millions each year in property damage. Worse, termite damage can often go unnoticed for months or even years, so by the time you realize there’s a problem, catastrophic damage could have already taken place.

Termites also thrive in warm, humid conditions, meaning that for businesses in Virginia, termite prevention is an absolute necessity. Fortunately, RichPro Pest Management has been keeping Richmond-area homes and businesses termite-free for decades with our Termite Defender treatment. If your commercial property is suffering under termite infestation, or you think you could be at risk, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.  

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Rodent Control

Rodents like rats and mice are notorious for their ability to break into homes, but they’ll bring all the same problems to any business they’re allowed inside, including diseases, allergies, and contaminated food items, not to mention considerable property damage. Between health hazards and other negative connotations rodents bring, an infestation can be absolutely crippling to Richmond-area businesses, so leaving your commercial property unprotected isn’t an option.

At RichPro Pest Management, our trained and certified pest control technicians have decades of experience dealing with the many types of rodents that call Virginia home. No matter the size of the infestation, our team will safely and effectively exclude any rodents on the premises and keep it protected for the future.

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Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are no stranger to Virginia, and in the warmer months, they can make going outside a nightmare. If the annoying buzzing and itchy bites weren’t enough, mosquitoes are carriers for some of the worst diseases on earth, putting anyone they come into contact with at risk.

Rest assured, if your Richmond-area business is attracting mosquitoes, it won’t be attracting customers - that’s where RichPro comes in. When you sign on for one of our streamlined commercial mosquito control treatments, the only thing buzzing will be your customers.

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Bed Bug Control

While residences like homes and apartments are often the most at-risk areas for bed bug infestation, commercial properties are far from immune. Between the health risks they pose and the negative connotations associated with infestations, bed bugs can cause even more headaches in a business than they do in a home.

RichPro incorporates mechanical, steam-based, and chemical treatment options to provide a complete and lasting solution for businesses from a bed bug infestation. If your business has come under attack, don’t hesitate to contact us today for a consultation.

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Real Estate Inspections

RichPro also specializes in commercial real estate inspections. We have two VPMA-certified inspectors on staff who can perform a complete commercial NPMA-33 inspection on any commercial property, checking for any evidence of wood-destroying insects such as termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, powder post beetles, old house borers, and the like.

The NPMA-33 inspection applies only to accessible areas of the property, including main floor, crawl space, and pulldown or walk-up attic spaces, but is an essential step when buying, selling, or renting commercial spaces in the state of Virginia. This inspection is a complicated and time-sensitive procedure, but the professionals at RichPro Pest Management have the tools and experience to get it done efficiently and on your schedule.

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Want to learn more about the ways RichPro can keep your commercial property pest-free for good? Contact us or schedule a consultation to find out more!

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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

I've been a RichPro customer for almost two years and couldn't be happier with the service and results. Patrick is always thorough, friendly and courteous. I would recommend RichPro to everyone. Wonderful experience with every visit.

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