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What do fleas look like?

There are many different species of fleas found living throughout the United States, but the most common and the one that is often found causing problems inside of Virginia homes is the cat flea. Adult cat fleas are a shiny and dark brownish-red color. They are wingless and have a flattened hard body that makes it extremely difficult to squish them. They are wingless but move very quickly using their long and powerful back legs that provide them with a 6-8 inch vertical jump. Fleas are small in size, adults only grow to be between 1/12th-1/6th of an inch in length. Cat fleas are commonly mistaken for flecks of dirt.

single flea

Are fleas dangerous?

Fleas are dangerous for both people and pets. Fleas are responsible for transmitting diseases, parasites, and even triggering allergic reactions. Fleas serve as intermediary hosts for both dog and cat tapeworms which have the potential to infect both people and animals. Some people or pets can be allergic to their bites which cause extreme itchiness which can lead to secondary infections that require medical treatment. Fleas are also responsible for spreading Murine Typhus, a serious disease that can affect both people and cats. Also, a large flea infestation can cause anemia in cats, dogs and other pets which can cause them to become very ill. Fleas are definitely a pest that should not be allowed to live in our homes for any period of time.

Why do I have a flea problem?

Fleas can become problematic inside of any home whether pets live there or not. Fleas are introduced onto properties by wild animals. Once in a yard, they easily can jump onto pets who then bring the fleas inside with them. Fleas are often accidentally introduced into homes on people’s clothing after they have spent time outside where fleas are present. Another way that Virginia homes commonly become infested with fleas is after purchasing used furniture or rugs that have fleas or their eggs on them. A problem with fleas can also pop-up after moving into a home that was previously lived in by pets. Flea eggs can lay dormant for quite some time, waiting for the right environmental factors to be met. Once they are, the eggs will hatch and your previously flea-free home is suddenly infested by these blood-feeding pests.

How do I get rid of fleas?

Eliminating and preventing problems with parasitic fleas is a job that should be left up to a highly trained professional who has access to the latest treatment options and technology. At RichPro Pest Management, Inc., our pest professionals can provide the accurate identification and treatment services needed to completely eliminate a flea infestation from your Virginia home. To learn more about controlling and eliminating fleas through our bed bug control service or to schedule your no-obligation, free inspection and estimate, contact us today at RichPro Pest Management.

How do I prevent fleas?

To keep fleas from choosing your Virginia property, the pest professionals found at RichPro Pest Management want to suggest some helpful flea prevention tips. If you own pets, it is extremely important to make sure that they are on a year-round flea preventative that has been prescribed by their veterinarian. Before coming inside after spending time outside always inspect yourself and any pets for fleas. Make sure to regularly vacuum your home, especially the areas where your pets spend most of their time. Wash your pet’s bedding on a regular basis; and, if possible, it is a good idea to not let your pets on your furniture or bed. Since it is usually rodents and other wild animals that initially introduce fleas onto your property, remove bird or other wild animal feeders that could attract them to your property. And finally, if possible, do not purchase used furniture or rugs for use inside of your home; a flea infestation isn’t worth the great price.

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